20 février 2015

[Subbed videos] Miss Trouble with English & French subs + list of all 呸 PLAY songs subbed!

Since Miss Trouble is mot likely not getting an MV in the end, I decided to sub the performance from 呸 PLAY Concert. Don't forget to click on CC!! 呸 PLAY subs 第二性 Gentlewomen: https://vimeo.com/115640898PLAY我呸 PLAY: https://vimeo.com/111978779美杜莎 Medusa: https://vimeo.com/113730173唇語 Lip Reading: https://vimeo.com/117389609I'm Not Yours [feat. Namie Amuro] (French version): https://vimeo.com/118820325自愛自受 I Love, I Embrace: https://vimeo.com/119677334Miss... [Lire la suite]

10 janvier 2015

[Concerts subs] Myself World Tour: Full concert available with English and French subs!

Yes, finally you can watch the whole concert with subtitles. Talks have also been translated. I uploaded the last part yesterday. Jolin opens up in this one and that doesn't happen every day, so it's a must-see! Before I forget: huge thanks to Caroline Chong. I will never been able to thank her enough for all the translations she provided me. Full concert English DVD 1 Part 1/3: https://vimeo.com/82625772DVD 1 Part 2/3: https://vimeo.com/86935347DVD 1 Part 3/3: https://vimeo.com/93613165DVD 2 Part... [Lire la suite]
31 décembre 2014

[Subbed MV] 第二性 Gentlewomen

Yep, I already subbed it! Enjoy ;) Don't forget to click on CC. If you want to read the lyrics, it's HERE. Buy 呸 PLAY Play With The Blonds pre-order version 5music | books tw | YesAsia Play With Medusa pre-order version 5music | books tw | YesAsia Regular version 5music | books tw | YesAsia | iTunes worldwide
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06 décembre 2014

[Subbed MV] 美杜莎 Medusa w/ English & French subs

As always, click on CC to choose between English or French subs. Lyrics and translation are also available HERE.
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13 mai 2011

MVs w/ French subs

Pour les francophones, voici les clips de Jolin avec des sous-titres français! http://www.youtube.com/user/JolinJenerationFR Show your love 感覺你的存在 Gan Jue Ni De Cun Zai Feeling your presence你還愛我嗎 Ni hai ai wo ma Do you still love me? Lucky Number 你怎麼連話都說不清楚/Ni zen mo lian hua dou shuo bu qing chu Can't you even speak clearly? Dancing Diva 玩美 Wan mei Pulchritude唇唇欲動 Chun chun yu dong Attraction of sexy lips心型圈 Xin xing quan Love in the shape of a heart離人節 Li ren jie Heartbreaking dayMr Q乖乖牌 Guai Guai Pai Nice Guy最終話 Zui zhong... [Lire la suite]
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