06 avril 2015

Jolin sends flowers to 张惠妹 aMEI + 张惠妹 aMEI performs PLAY我呸 PLAY live

Last week Jolin sent flowers to singer 张惠妹 aMEI for the first date of her Utopia World Tour at Taipei Arena. On that night (April 4th), 张惠妹 aMEI also performed PLAY我呸 PLAY (starting from 2:15):
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15 juin 2013

Jolin attends Sodagreen's TAKE ME HOME concert in Taipei

It was today at Taipei Arena as part of their "walk together" tour! Deserts Xuan, Kenji Wu, Janine (Chang), Rainie Yang and Angela Chang also attended.  Check the pictures below, Jolin sent flowers as well: Wu Tsing-Fong from Sodagreen wrote Fantasy's lyrics and wrote and composed Color Photos, Spying On You Behind The Fence for MUSE.
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04 juillet 2011

Jolin sends flowers to Kylie Minogue for her concert

I was holding this news thinking that we would get pics of Jolin attending this concert but it seems she did not (or media didn't see her, who knows). Anyway Jolin sent a huge basket of flowers to Kylie for her concert in Taiwan, which was yesterday. Kylie thanked her on her Twitter! Jolin is actually not only a huge fan of Faye Wong, she's also a huge fan of Kylie Minogue. They collaborated together a few years ago for the Asian version of Kylie's album X, they did a duet on In My Arms.   On the card is written: "Dear... [Lire la suite]
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