06 mars 2011

Fan club meeting in Wenling

Yesterday it was in Hangzhou, and today it was in Wenling! We already have some pics. EDIT: She sang the same songs than yesterday. Some more pics~
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06 mars 2011

Fan club meeting in Hangzhou Part II

We have videos today, of the Compromise, Real hurt & Rewind performances. And it seems that she sang Sun Will Never Set too!
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29 octobre 2010

Jolin: fanclub concert in Tianjin

Jolin did another concert for her fanclub in Tianjin! She sang Nothing left to say, Sun Will Never Set, Honey Trap, Compromise, Love Player & Real hurt.
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26 septembre 2010

[EDIT: Concert in Wenzhou] Jolin on fire

Sorry for the bad pun... Jolin was doing a concert yesterday in Wenzhou for her fanclub. When she was singing Honey Trap, the stage lights suddenly started a fire. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Everybody was evacuated, and the concert continued after a 20 minutes break. Jolin left a message about it on her Twitter (it's Google Translation but it's understandable) [Yesterday the stage lights are burning up the smoke really super strongCan imagine the terror of fireThe importance of oxygenFortunately, safe and warm and we all... [Lire la suite]
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