24 novembre 2014

[Concert subs] Myself World Tour DVD 2 Part 1 with English & French subtitles

Sorry again for the huge delay, but here's the 1st part for DVD 2! Tracklist: Don't Stop馬德里不思議/Ma de li bu si yi/A Wonder in Madrid十三號星期舞/Shi san hao xing qi wu/Friday the 13th日不落/Ri bu luo/Sun Will Never SetMr.Q七上八下/Qi Xiang Ba Xia/Butterflies in my stomach舞孃/Wu niang/Dancing Diva迷幻/Mi huan/FantasyDr. Jolin唯舞獨尊/Wei wu du zun/Dancing Forever Talks are subbed as well ;) Click on CC to activate English or French subs!