07 mai 2015

PLAY World Tour: info about setlist, outfits, choreographies

Tickets for the concert in Beijing (July 11th) are on sale now, and thanks to this we have more info about the Tour: → Concerning choreographies and costumes, it's the first time Jolin is collaborating with an international team. The designer has already worked with Beyoncé and Katy Perry (I wonder if the costumes have been designed by The Blonds...) -→ The Tour will convey the album's concept, that life is a stage. According to Jolin, we experience different roles in life, and even if we don't play the one we wanted, we can still... [Lire la suite]
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12 avril 2015

PLAY World Tour: Jolin's dance rehearsals in LA Behind-the-scenes + ticket sales!

Jolin came back yesterday from a 2-week dance training in Los Angeles! Rehearsals were starting at 8:00 am with 12 elite dancers from all around the world, and it could last to 14 hours a day. Some songs will be re-choreographed to surprise fans, Jolin has been learning 25 choreos!   News report w/ PLAY我呸 PLAY and 野蠻遊戲 J-Game (aka Wild Game) By the way, maybe you already heard about it, but rumor has it that Japanese singer Namie Amuro might be the first guest performer of the Tour... Jolin's agent, Tom... [Lire la suite]
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28 octobre 2013

Jolin at Han Yi Automobile Co., Ltd opening ceremony in Guizhou province + 旅程/Lu Cheng/Journey dance tutorial video

It seems that it was a private event held two days ago, Jolin sang three songs! A dance tutorial video for 旅程/Lu Cheng/Journey has been posted yesterday on Jolin's official YouTube channel!
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13 janvier 2013

Jolin at Remy Martin VSOP Dance Contest finals

It was yesterday in Guangzhou, Jolin was one of the judges! The winners: Swag Monster Crew Jolin also sang several songs on stage: Agent J, Pretence, Dancing Diva, Rewind, The Great Artist and Dr Jolin. Check the videos below! Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery.
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06 janvier 2013

Jolin's special appearance at Show Luo's concert in Taipei

For Show Luo's last concert at Taipei Arena, Jolin performed a Show Luo song 精舞門, while Show performed The Great Artist/大藝術家! Then they did some kind of dance battle. The video is quite hilarious: Show tries to kiss Jolin but she keeps trying to run away ; at the end he asks her if she has a boyfriend, Jolin plays dumb and says goodbye to the audience while Show keeps harassing her and tries to kiss her again! Jolin and Show Luo have been very good friends for years! Fancam Click on the picture to access the photo album... [Lire la suite]
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22 juin 2012

Upcoming album: dance rehearsals with Parris Goebel

Jolin posted a pic on her Weibo and her Facebook with this message: 新專輯第一支排舞 結束。。。。。thank you Parris! ^_^ Google Translation [The new album's first rehearsals end. . . . . thank you Parris ^ _ ^] Click to enlarge "Parris" is actually choreographer and dancer Parris Goebel, here's her biography (found on danceup.fairplaystudio.pl): "Parris is the choreographer and dances in the all female crew – ReQuest and is the creator of Polyswagg.In 2009, ReQuest were crowned the World Varsity Hip Hop Champions in Las Vegas and alsothe... [Lire la suite]
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21 janvier 2011

[Pics] Myself Dance with Me Remix (CD+LP) Part 2

We have other pics where we can see better the double-faced poster, and the serial number printed on the LP.
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15 janvier 2011

Myself ranking: 01/07/2010-01/13/2011

Myself is still charting! On G-Music it ranks at the 16th spot, and on 5music at the 11th spot.G-Music5music
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12 janvier 2011

[Pics] Myself Dance with Me Remix (CD+LP)

We finally have inside pics! Full packaging was made in Germany by the way, I think I forgot to tell you that XD
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01 janvier 2011

Myself: 20th week ranking

Since the LP has been released on 12/28, Jolin is back at the number one spot on G-Music, and ranked second on 5music! G-Music5music
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