19 juillet 2015

Jolin attends press conference for online game Martial World + PLAY World Tour Shanghai (setlist, pictures, videos)!

Jolin is now endorsing this online game, she attended its press conference on July 17th in Shanghai and also performed PLAY我呸 PLAY! Video: http://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:82fce56f43d05544c5323d632d8a39c9  PLAY World Tour Shanghai (July 18th) She did not perform 唇語 Lip Reading and 騎士精神 Spirit of the Knight yesterday... Setlist VCR (BGM Gentlewomen)01. 美杜莎 Medusa 02. 大丈夫 Real Man03. 美人計 Honey Trap04. 愛無赦 Bravo lover[Interlude movie]05. I'm Not Yours06. 特務J Agent J07. 花蝴蝶 Butterfly08. Love Love... [Lire la suite]

21 juin 2015

PLAY World Tour: pamphlet pics + English-subbed talk from the first concert

First of all, thanks a lot to my friend Caroline Chong for sending me PLAY World Tour's pamphlet! You can enjoy these pictures thanks to her! She also subbed a talk from the first concert of the Tour in Taipei (it's right after the performance of 不一樣又怎樣 We're All Different, Yet The Same). Video not available anymore Don't forget to check out the Tour dates HERE.
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15 avril 2015

呸 PLAY, 21st week: Jolin ranks #14 on 5music + Concert in Cangzhou + ALMA Awards 2015

Sorry for posting so many news at once, I've been busy with work lately so I can't update at all times anymore... Click to enlarge and see 呸 PLAY's ranking: Buy 呸 PLAY國際豪華版 rePLAY DELUXE INTERNATIONAL EDITION CD+DVD 5music | books tw | YesAsia | iTunes worldwide Last Sunday, Jolin performed 3 songs at a concert in Cangzhou: PLAY我呸 PLAY, 第三人称 The Third Person And I and 日不落 Sun Will Never Set! Pictures Video http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/7AWZRmUjMDs/ Jolin won the ALMA (Asia... [Lire la suite]
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06 avril 2015

Jolin sends flowers to 张惠妹 aMEI + 张惠妹 aMEI performs PLAY我呸 PLAY live

Last week Jolin sent flowers to singer 张惠妹 aMEI for the first date of her Utopia World Tour at Taipei Arena. On that night (April 4th), 张惠妹 aMEI also performed PLAY我呸 PLAY (starting from 2:15):
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01 février 2015

Jolin makes a surprise appearance at Wilber Pan's concert!

It was yesterday at Taipei Arena, Jolin suddenly appeared during his rendition of 大藝術家 The Great Artist! They performed 大藝術家 The Great Artist and PLAY我呸 PLAY together. Performances only Full appearance with talk Pictures
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22 janvier 2015

Jolin attends Ginko International Group Year-End Banquet

Jolin is endorsing Hydron, one of their brands, that's why she was there. She performed three songs yesterday in Taichung: PLAY我呸 PLAY, 倒帶 Rewind and 舞孃 Dancing Diva! Pictures
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15 janvier 2015

Watch 呸計劃 PLAY Project Episode 4!

What happens this week: Part 1: AppleDaily headquarters - Jolin visits AppleDaily's headquarters - A journalist shows news reports to Jolin about her and her boyfriend Vivian Dawson - Jolin acts as the narrator for one of AppleDaily's videos Part 2: 呸 PLAY Concert - Footage from the rehearsals and from the concert itself
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14 janvier 2015

Jolin at Superstar Countdown Concert in Guangzhou

Yesterday she performed three songs: PLAY我呸 PLAY, 倒带 Rewind and 日不落 Sun Will Never Set! Fancam Pictures
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01 janvier 2015

Jolin's full performance at Kaohsiung's New Year's Eve concert!

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope that this year will be even better for you than the previous one. So let's start 2015 with Jolin! She performed 14 songs yesterday. Setlist 美杜莎 Medusa美人計 Honey Trap舞孃 Dancing Diva第三人稱 The Third Person And I不一樣又怎樣 We're All Different, Yet The SamePLAY我呸 PLAY --- Countdown --- Medley Dr. Jolin / 愛無赦 Bravo Lover / 花蝴蝶 Butterfly / 特務J Agent J / You Gotta Know / 說愛你 Say I Love You / Don't Stop / 大藝術家 The Great Artist It starts at 5:05:20.
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08 décembre 2014

Watch Jolin's 呸 PLAY Concert!

Jolin performed all songs from 呸 PLAY yesterday and a few old hits as well. There was no special guest at this concert. Pictures (click on them) Setlist 美杜莎 MedusaMiss Trouble第二性 Gentlewomen唇語 Lip Reading第三人稱 The Third Person And I不一樣又怎樣 We're All Different, Yet The Same自愛自受 I Love I EmbraceMedley 大藝術家 The Great Artist+舞孃 Dancing Diva+Show your love日不落 Sun Will Never Set和世界做鄰居(我可以) Living With The World (I can)怕什麼 FEAR-FREE如果不想要 If you don't want it假裝 Pretence倒帶 Rewind電話皇后 Phony QueenI'm Not Yours feat. Namie... [Lire la suite]
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