11 novembre 2011

New album: a release before summer 2012

Warner's CEO, Chen Ze-Shan, said not so long ago that he wanted to release Jolin's new album in March 2012. He might have realized that it wouldn't be possible after all, because yesterday he posted this on his Weibo after someone asked him news about Jolin: In the end, they're still collecting demos and the album will come out before next summer. Still collecting demos >_< Source: Chen Ze-Shan's Weibo Thanks a lot to pommy@alan-international for translating
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04 novembre 2011

Small news about the upcoming album

First of all, Chen Ze-Shan, Warner's CEO, posted on Weibo not so long ago that they were done choosing demos (I think it was in the post where he said that he wanted to release her album in March 2012). And a songwriter called Lee Wei Song wrote songs for Jolin's new album: Translation (thanks to pommy from alan-international forum): "I wrote new songs for you, so hope you will like it" He already composed for her:  Show your love Lucky Number 假面的告白/Jia mian de gao bai/Fake confess 怕什麼/Pa Shen Me/Fear-free 慣性背叛/Guan... [Lire la suite]
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20 septembre 2011

New album released in March 2012?

Chen Ze-Shan, Jolin's manager & Warner's CEO, revealed on his Weibo that he wants to release Jolin's upcoming album in March 2012. He said nothing about Myself World Tour DVD though. Original post [JOLIN的歌在收了我們也在發想創意...明年三月就發了...我會全力在她的音樂和創意..等等哦]
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