27 juin 2011

Jolin makes molds of her hands for charity

Jolin is participating to the 3rd charity event organized by POP Radio FM & the Red Cross. They raise money to provide nutritional meals for poor children. Their goal this year is to raise several millions to help 500 disadvantaged families. Jolin's molds are worth NT 15,855 (385€ or 548$) so far and her price is the highest out of the female stars that participated in this event. The bid ends on July 3rd.
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03 avril 2011

Jolin supports Takashi Murakami's charity t-shirt Part II

If you don't know what I'm talking about check THIS post. A webpage has been opened for the t-shirts! Wu Chun from boyband Fahrenheit is also advertising them. Pics & Jolin's message:      Unfortunately if you wanted to buy a t-shirt it's not possible. You have to be from Taiwan because you order the t-shirt online, but you have to get it at their building! T-shirts are sold at 3500 TWD (=84,76€ or 119.86$). They're limited at 8000 copies. Thanks a lot to pommy@alaninternational forum for the... [Lire la suite]
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26 mars 2011

Jolin supports Takashi Murakami's charity t-shirt

Takashi Murakami, who already worked with Jolin last year for ELLE Taiwan or for the Myself World Tour goodies for instance, did a charity t-shirt called "New Day" for the earthquake & tsunami victims in Japan. It will be sold in Taiwan from April 1st, and Jolin is advertising it! It will be available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL and in 4 colors: white, pink, blue, green.
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20 mars 2011

Jolin draws on a bag for a charity event Part II

Do you remember THIS news? Well now the event will help too the victims of the earthquake & the tsunami in Japan. Other dates have been added:-March 29th in Taipei-April 4th & April 10th in Japan. And we have a pic of the bag!
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06 mars 2011

Jolin draws on a bag for a charity event

Huang Zijiao, a famous TV host, started a charity event for kids. He invited a lot of celebrities in the entertainment business from Japan & Taiwan to help out with this event. The stars would sign and decorate a bag. He first mentioned the idea of this event to Jolin and Jolin immediately agreed and started to draw on the bag (see pic above). The event will be held in Taipei on March 24th. Thanks a lot to pommy@alan international for translating ^^
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