13 novembre 2014

呸 PLAY: Watch 第三人稱 The Third Person And I MV with Carina Lau and final tracklist

The song is about the plight of people in life or in love and the fact that sometimes they adopt the point of view of a third person to deal with their issues. Guest star Carina Lau is the "third person" in this MV. 呸 PLAY final tracklist has also been revealed by Jolin's Fans Club today: 1. 第二性/Di Er Xing/The Second Sex 3:392. PLAY我呸/PLAY Wo Pei/PLAY 3:133. 美杜莎/Mei Du Sha/Medusa 4:044. 唇語/Chun Yu/Lip Language 3:395. I'm Not Yours (feat. Namie Amuro) 3:416. 自愛自受/Zi Ai Zi Shou 3:557. Miss Trouble 3:138. 電話皇后/Dian Hua... [Lire la suite]
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06 novembre 2014

New ballad 第三人稱 Third Party coming soon!

The song will air on November 10th on HitFM and the MV will be revealed on November 13th. 第三人稱 Third Party's composer is JJ Lin, the man behind 馬賽克 Mosaic. MV director is Fu Tienyu (我 I MV), and there is also a "deluxe guest star" involved: HK actress Carina Lau! News reports We can hear previews of the song! EDIT: 1 minute preview!
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