18 mars 2012

Autograph session today in Chengdu for Jolin's book 养瘦+album in preparation

So it was today at 4:00 PM (Chinese time). Most of the fans were already there at 2:00 PM and sang Sun Will Never Set's chorus since it's sunny today in Chengdu. After her arrival Jolin shared beauty and slimming tips and signed books as well. Aside from that, reporters asked her what she's been doing lately, since we barely saw her at public events. Jolin answered that it was because she was (and is still) preparing her new album scheduled for this summer. Source: ent.news.chengdu.cn Click on the picture to access the other... [Lire la suite]
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12 novembre 2011

Autograph session today in Shanghai for Jolin's book 养瘦

Jolin is quite busy these days! So today there was an autograph session in Shanghai for her book, lots of people went to have their book signed! Her book is on sale since the end of October in China (it has been released in July in Taiwan). There will be another autograph session in Beijing on November 26th (check her schedule HERE if you don't do it already ^^). Click on the picture to access the photo album.
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20 septembre 2011

"养瘦" Jolin's book to be released in October in China

Originally scheduled for September, Jolin's book about dietetics will finally be released in China on October 20th!
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13 août 2011

[EDIT] Book 養瘦: fan meeting

It was today, Jolin answered questions about her book with the assistance of a health teacher. We only have a few pics for now. This post will be edited if we get more pics or videos. EDIT:
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31 juillet 2011

Autograph session for 養瘦 in Kaohsiung

The autograph session today was in Kaohsiung, videos below.
27 juillet 2011

Jolin's book: 養瘦 the best-seller of the summer?

Jolin's book tops the books' sales for 2 weeks straight now, it's really selling well, more than 30,000 books sold in 2 weeks. Media think this will be the best-seller of the summer! books.com.tw Kingstone.tw Note: In a previous post about the press conference for the book I talked about 50,000 preorders. I wonder if in the end it was 5,000 since she sold 30,000 books in two weeks. Really sorry about that >_< By the way, Jolin has 2 autograph sessions scheduled in Taiwan for the book on July 30th & July 31st,... [Lire la suite]
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17 juillet 2011

Jolin 養瘦方塊站: the book's application now available for iPhone/iPad

As said in the title! Before it was only available for Android, but since a couple of days it can be downloaded for iPhone/iPad. And don't worry, it's free XD Previews CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
13 juillet 2011

[Pics] Jolin私筆記-90天完成養瘦的美麗夢想

Yesterday we had pics of the book itself, today we have pics of the small book given as a first press gift to people who ordered on books.tw (check THIS post). Click on the picture to access the photo album!
12 juillet 2011

Jolin's book: 養瘦:Jolin first pics

The book has been released today and we already have some pics. Click on the picture to access the photo album! Buy Yang Shou :Jolin Neng Chi Neng Shui You Neng Shou De Jian Mei Yin Shi Diao Yang Fa on YesAsia
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11 juillet 2011

Jolin's book: 養瘦:Jolin book offered as first press gift

I already mentioned before the fact that you could get SKIN79/BBcream products if you preorder on books.tw or Kingstone. But now there's a first press gift on books.tw: a small 32 pages book called Jolin私筆記-90天完成養瘦的美麗夢想 (basically it means "Jolin private notes - how to become beautiful & thin in 90 days"). Here's its cover: I don't know if they'll add it on YesAsia. If you want to preorder on books.tw it's HERE.