10 octobre 2015

Jolin's full performance at Simple Life Festival in Shanghai!

On October 6th Jolin performed for one hour straight on stage with a band! Setlist 第二性 Gentlewomen舞娘 Dancing Diva传奇 Legend (李健 Li Jian cover)第三人称 The Third Person And I彩色相片 Color Photos唇语 Lip Reading倒带 Rewind不一样又怎样 We're All Different, Yet The Same我 I (张国荣 Leslie Cheung cover)栅栏间隙偷窥你 Spying On You Behind The Fence说爱你 Say I Love You大艺术家 The Great ArtistShow your love日不落 Sun Will Never SetPLAY我呸 PLAY Performance (playlist) Pictures
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