13 mai 2014

[EDIT] Jolin at BeeTalk app press conference + info about the upcoming album

New endorsement for Jolin! The press conference was today in Taipei. BeeTalk is a communication/dating application available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery! Click HERE for videos! EDIT: It seems that some info about the album has been revealed yesterday! Translation by carrotie@blogspot: "Jolin's album is expected to be released in September. The songs in the album have been finalized. However, in an attempt to create a theme for the... [Lire la suite]
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17 juillet 2011

Jolin 養瘦方塊站: the book's application now available for iPhone/iPad

As said in the title! Before it was only available for Android, but since a couple of days it can be downloaded for iPhone/iPad. And don't worry, it's free XD Previews CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
02 juillet 2011

A Jolin application for Android

An application related to Jolin's upcoming book is available for Android. The games included in it will help you to always have in mind Jolin's advices. It's free! It has been created by Noumena, a leading mobile games developer. You can see below a preview, and at the same time new promo pics.   Download this FREE application here
18 décembre 2010

Myself: iPhone application update

Myself's application on iPhone has been updated with new stuff! [- New karaoke! 即時生效 Take Immediate Action - New karaoke! 七上八下 Butterflies In My Stomach - New karaoke! 小傷口 Real Hurt - New karaoke! 玩愛之徒 Love Player - New karaoke! 無言以對 Nothing Left to Say - New photos in photo album! - 新增 FAQ 常問問題。 - App. 現在變的更小,方便下載 ! App is now smaller in size, faster to download!]You can download it HERE, it's free.
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