06 août 2012

Upcoming album: choreography rehearsals and MV shooting for Jolin last week!

Last week, Jolin rehearsed a choreography for a new MV with French choreographer Yanis Marshall and assistant Erwan Sands (I talked about it HERE).  Check the picture below, it has been taken on the first day of rehearsals (Jolin wasn't there on that day). Choreography in high heels!! The week ended with the MV shooting!   Jolin's album will be released on September 14th. By the way, don't forget Jolin's concert in London! Tickets will be on sale starting from August 17th!
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05 août 2012

[EDIT] Jolin's upcoming album: second batch of promo pictures, release date and title song air date

First of all, these pictures have also been taken in Paris, at the "Musée des Arts Forains" ("Museum of Fairground Art"). It's the first time that a foreign singer was allowed to have a shoot in their Museum! So the staff has been very cautious, they didn't even dare to touch the walls, fearing they would damage the antiques. Jolin's mom was there as well it seems. Click on the pictures to enlarge.      EDIT: pics in higher resolution added, check HERE. Stylist Chen Shao-Yen designed the outfit after hearing... [Lire la suite]
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30 juillet 2012

Jolin's next MV will be choreographed by...

a French choreographer called Yanis Marshall! He mentioned it on his official Twitter account: Translation "CDG (Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport) - Destination Taipei Taiwan. To choreograph Jolin Tsai's next MV!! #Happy #LoveMyJob #Bitches" You can visit his site and read his biography HERE. Erwan Sands, a French dancer, will assist him! Translation "CDG (Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport) - Destination Taipei Taiwan. To assist Yanis Marshall, choreographer for Jolin Tsai's next MV !! !!" Jolin's album is scheduled for... [Lire la suite]
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22 juillet 2012

[EDIT: pics from Paris] Upcoming album: album shoot and MV filming in Paris for Jolin

A few days ago, Jolin left Taiwan for France where she shot another MV but also had the album photoshoot done. An international team built up to create the "JOLIN J-ART" style: people from Paris, London, Beijing, Hong-Kong and Taiwan among others participated. The album concept is Jolin's first attempt to "mix" pop music and pop art look. The pictures below are the first set of promo pictures to be revealed. In four days NTD 8 million (218 809€ or $266 947) have been spent in Paris! Outfits have been made by London-based... [Lire la suite]
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13 juillet 2012

[EDIT] Upcoming album: 1st MV shooting done

Jolin shot this MV in two days! We have some pics: the first one comes from Jolin's Weibo, the second one from a passer-by (this picture has been taken at Kaohsiung MRT East Station), and the last one from a dancer who appears in the MV. Click on the pictures to enlarge. EDIT: OMG another pic has been shared by didi30042854@G-Music forum! The album is scheduled for mid-September.  
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10 juillet 2012

[EDIT: Taiwan Beer CF] Taiwan Beer press conference + new album scheduled for mid-September!

Jolin revealed today at this conference that preorders for the new album will begin at the end of August! This means that the album should be released by mid-September. Click on the picture below to access the others.  EDIT: you can see Taiwan Beer's new CF in this video. Michael Lin, an arranger, posted a picture of himself and Jolin today on his Weibo. He arranged several songs for her like 非賣品/Fei Mai Pin/Priceless, 日不落/Ri Bu Luo/Sun Will Never Set or 台灣心跳聲/Taiwan xin tiao sheng/Taiwan Heartbeat.   ... [Lire la suite]
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01 juillet 2012

Upcoming album's meeting + Jolin meets Namie Amuro

On Friday Jolin had a meeting about the upcoming album. Warner's CEO, Chen Ze Shan, posted some pictures on his Weibo! The last one comes from Jolin's official Facebook. On the first picture you can see what appears to be a song's lyrics! Click to enlarge.    Namie Amuro is in Taiwan for 3 days and 2 nights to promote her latest album, "Uncontrolled". 2012 is also her 20th anniversary! She and Jolin met yesterday and went to eat dinner together at W Hotel in Taipei. They did not talk about collaboration. Namie invited... [Lire la suite]
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25 juin 2012

Upcoming album: 15 songs recorded already!

Jolin started recording in early June, and according to her agent, she already recorded 15 songs! But she's expected of course to choose only 10. Her agent stated as well that Jolin is very implicated in the album's production, she's giving ideas for the music, MVs, and even the album's shoot.   Jolin's new album is scheduled for September.
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22 juin 2012

Upcoming album: dance rehearsals with Parris Goebel

Jolin posted a pic on her Weibo and her Facebook with this message: 新專輯第一支排舞 結束。。。。。thank you Parris! ^_^ Google Translation [The new album's first rehearsals end. . . . . thank you Parris ^ _ ^] Click to enlarge "Parris" is actually choreographer and dancer Parris Goebel, here's her biography (found on danceup.fairplaystudio.pl): "Parris is the choreographer and dances in the all female crew – ReQuest and is the creator of Polyswagg.In 2009, ReQuest were crowned the World Varsity Hip Hop Champions in Las Vegas and alsothe... [Lire la suite]
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21 juin 2012

Upcoming album: Jolin teases us on her Facebook

Preparations for the album are going smoothly... In the morning Jolin is recording songs and in the afternoon/evening she's doing dance rehearsals. Today Jolin is teasing us by saying this on her Facebook: 今天錄的歌 非常特別 我很興奮。。。很想趕快讓你們聽到 看看你們的反應 哈哈哈。。。。 Google Translation The song I recorded today is very special. I am very excited... I want to let you hear it quickly to see your reaction Ha ha ha.... I wonder what she means by "special"...  Jolin's new album is scheduled for September.
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