15 mai 2016

PLAY World Tour Beijing (May 14th): setlist, pictures, fancams + I'm Not Yours MV nominated at the 27th GMA!

Setlist 01. 美杜莎 Medusa02. 大丈夫 Real Man03. 美人計 Honey Trap04. 愛無赦 Bravo lover[Interlude movie]05. I'm Not Yours06. 特務J Agent J07. 騎士精神 Spirit of the Knight08. Love Love Love09. 布拉格廣場 Prague Square10. 第三人稱 The Third Person And I11. 獨佔神話 My Own Legend[Interlude movie]12. 大藝術家 The Great Artist13. Mr Q14. 倒帶 Rewind15. 消失的城堡 Disappearing Castle16. 我知道你很難過 I know you're feeling blue17. 天空 Sky18. 七上八下 Butterflies in my stomach19. Miss Trouble + Queen of the Night Aria[Interlude movie]20. 日不落 Sun Will Never Set21. 無言以對 Nothing left to say22.... [Lire la suite]

22 mai 2013

Jolin nominated in 4 categories at the 24th Golden Melody Awards!

So Jolin is nominated in 4 categories at the 24th Golden Melody Awards: -Song of the Year: The Great Artist -Album of the year: MUSE -Best Female Singer -Best MV: The Great Artist Her last nomination for Best Female Singer, which she won, was in 2007! Jolin in New York Jolin is right now in New York, she said she was very happy, she put a lot of effort into completing MUSE. It was inspired by her life and she likes the songs in it, she's glad that everyone likes it. Ceremony will be held in Taipei on July 6th!
12 novembre 2012

EDIT: 2012 Taiwanese singers' earnings' ranking TOP 10: Jolin #1

10/13 Jolin ranked first this year! In 2010 and 2011 she ranked second right after Jay Chou (check THIS post for the 2011 ranking). #1 Jolin Tsai NT$652,930,000 (17 291 422€ or $22,286,926)#2 Jay Chou NT$598,000,000 (15 836 721€ or $20,411,961)#3 Show Luo NT$563,230,000 (14 915 914€ or $19,225,131)#4 Wang Leehom NT$538,920,000 (14 272 117€ or $18,395,341)#5 Elva Hsiao NT$402,360,000 (10 655 624€ or $13,734,041)#6 A-Mei NT$312,090,000 (8 265 020€ or $10,652,790)#7 Mayday NT$259,450,000 (6 870 965€ or $8,855,992)#8 Rainie Yang... [Lire la suite]
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06 mai 2012

Jolin at "Thank you mom" event (Taiwanese campaign for London 2012 Olympics)

It was today in Taipei! Jolin was there as Taiwan's Ambassor for the Olympics, two Taiwanese champions' moms attended as well: Yuan Shu-chi's and Cheng Shao-Shieh's moms. Jolin tried for the first time to drum for the champions, she's looking forward to support them! Jolin had in mind to bake cakes for the champions' moms, but since their size was too large she had to ask for help to professional teachers in order to complete them. She gave to the moms a "Thank you mom" suitcase as well. Jolin revealed that she will cook something... [Lire la suite]
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13 décembre 2011

Jolin at EVA Air 20th anniversary concert

This airline is celebrating its 20th anniversary by holding two concerts in Nangang. The first one was yesterday, and Jolin sang four songs: Honey Trap, Rewind, Taiwan Heartbeat (台灣心跳聲) and Sun Will Never Set. We have fancams for all of them except for Sun Will Never Set. Click on the picture to access the photo album.
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27 août 2010

Jolin at Shanghai World Expo!

Jolin went to the Taiwan Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo today. She sang the Pavilion's theme song, Taiwan Heartbeat (台灣的心跳聲). Jolin with the Heavenly Kings And a pic from Jolin's Weibo We have a video for the Taiwan Heartbeat live ^^
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