21 janvier 2015

[CF] New Pepsi CF!

New CF with special guest Whoohoo ;)
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03 septembre 2014

[CF] Pepsi (15s version)

You can hear 渴望就一块 Ke Wang Jiu Yi Kuai in the background!
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26 août 2014

New song 渴望就一块 Ke Wang Jiu Yi Kuai for Pepsi coming soon!

Jolin is a magician in the MV, we'll see some mysterious scenes in a transparent chamber, a giant vault... Jolin said that she was very happy because there are a lot of "superpowers" in this, and she loves superhero movies. Some promotional pictures have been revealed:
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07 juin 2014

Listen to Now Is The Time - CD Version

Pepsi's Beats of the Beautiful Game has already been released digitally in New Zealand, that's why we have it! You can buy Pepsi's Beats of the Beautiful Game on iTunes or Amazon.
06 juin 2014

Watch Shake Your Body, Jolin's new song and MV for Pepsi feat. Show Luo, Momo Wu, Aaron Kwok!

Like I said a couple of days ago HERE, this MV has been filmed by director Muh Chen (The Great Artist MV) for the World Cup! Huang Xiaoming is also in the MV but as a guest, he doesn't sing. Choreographer is Popin' Pete! Shake Your Body Lyrics: Vincent FangMusic: Ting Yang
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03 juin 2014

Shake Your Body, new MV for Pepsi with Show Luo, Huang Xiaoming, Aaron Kwok, Momo Wu!

This MV has been filmed for the World Cup by 大藝術家 The Great Artist director, Muh Chen! Choreography by Popin' Pete who worked with Michael Jackson, and Vincent Fang wrote the lyrics! Jolin said that with two dance kings, she couldn't lose confidence even if she didn't have much experience with this kind of "boys' dance". We already have a teaser: Click on the pics to access the photo album in the gallery!
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12 mai 2014

New song Now Is The Time for Pepsi's visual soundtrack!

This visual soundtrack or "filmtrack", called Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game, intends to mix music, film and football. Jolin's song is called Now Is The Time and will have an MV shot by director Cai Yiqi! Don't forget to check the project's description on Pepsi's site: http://www.pepsi.com/en-us/d/content/3340/Pepsi-Beats-of-the-Beautiful-Game Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game will be released on June 9th (June 10th for the U.S), you can already preorder it on iTunes HERE! EDIT: A physical version is also available... [Lire la suite]
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23 janvier 2014

Jolin in Danzhai county for charity

Yesterday she went to Danzhai county in China to give poor mothers New Year's gifts! This campaign was a partnership between China Women's Development Foundation, Pepsi and Lynx. Some pictures:  
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08 août 2013

[Video] Pepsi limited edition cans: theme song sung by Jolin

I wonder if there's a full version of this theme song?
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04 août 2013

[New CFs] Pepsi

Aaaah I forgot to post these! Enjoy!
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