16 septembre 2014

[Subbed MV] 渴望就一块/Ke Wang Jiu Yi Kuai/Let's Desire Together English and French subs!

I tried YouTube's subtitles function for the first time, enjoy! You can choose English or French. You can also read the song's lyrics & translation HERE.

27 août 2014

Watch 渴望就一块 Ke Wang Jiu Yi Kuai MV!

渴望就一块 Ke Wang Jiu Yi Kuai is actually the Chinese version of Now Is The Time (released on Pepsi's Beats of the Beautiful Game last June).
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26 août 2014

New song 渴望就一块 Ke Wang Jiu Yi Kuai for Pepsi coming soon!

Jolin is a magician in the MV, we'll see some mysterious scenes in a transparent chamber, a giant vault... Jolin said that she was very happy because there are a lot of "superpowers" in this, and she loves superhero movies. Some promotional pictures have been revealed:
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