13 juillet 2011

[Pics] Jolin私筆記-90天完成養瘦的美麗夢想

Yesterday we had pics of the book itself, today we have pics of the small book given as a first press gift to people who ordered on books.tw (check THIS post). Click on the picture to access the photo album!

11 juillet 2011

Jolin's book: 養瘦:Jolin book offered as first press gift

I already mentioned before the fact that you could get SKIN79/BBcream products if you preorder on books.tw or Kingstone. But now there's a first press gift on books.tw: a small 32 pages book called Jolin私筆記-90天完成養瘦的美麗夢想 (basically it means "Jolin private notes - how to become beautiful & thin in 90 days"). Here's its cover: I don't know if they'll add it on YesAsia. If you want to preorder on books.tw it's HERE.