05 avril 2016

PLAY World Tour Hefei (April 2nd): setlist, pictures, fancams!

During the "old songs" segment, a fan asked Jolin to sing 海市蜃樓 Mirage or 始作俑者 The Starter, but she ended up performing 万花筒 Kaleidoscope, 心型圈 Love In The Shape of a Heart and 一个人 Alone because she didn't rehearse these songs. Setlist 01. 美杜莎 Medusa02. 大丈夫 Real Man03. 美人計 Honey Trap04. 愛無赦 Bravo lover[Interlude movie]05. I'm Not Yours06. 特務J Agent J07. 花蝴蝶 Butterfly08. Love Love Love09. 布拉格廣場 Prague Square10. 第三人稱 The Third Person And I11. 獨佔神話 My Own Legend[Interlude movie]12. 大藝術家 The Great Artist13. Mr Q14.... [Lire la suite]
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07 février 2016

Watch Jolin's performances on Anhui Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening 安徽卫视春晚 and 燃烧吧少年 X-Fire!

Jolin's performance on Anhui Satellite TV Spring Festival Evening 安徽卫视春晚 aired two days ago on TV. Setlist大艺术家 The Great Artist 第三人称 The Third Person And I + 日不落 Sun Will Never Set  She also performed PLAY我呸 PLAY on a Chinese variety show called 燃烧吧少年 X-Fire yesterday! Starting from 47:30. On another note, Jolin along with other C-Pop stars attended Madonna's concert in Taipei on February 4th!
16 janvier 2016

Jolin attends Eye-Catch (Hydron TW)'s Year-End Banquet & Martial World's Live Ceremony

Hydron Taiwan is one of the brands Jolin is endorsing! She performed PLAY我呸 PLAY, 第三人稱 The Third Person And I and 說愛你 Say I Love You last Tuesday. PLAY我呸 PLAY 第三人稱 The Third Person And I 說愛你 Say I Love You  武极天下 Martial World is a Chinese online game Jolin is endorsing too! Watch the full event:
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01 janvier 2016

Watch Jolin's full performance at Jiangsu TV's New Year's Eve Concert + Happy New Year!!!

Jolin performed several songs yesterday at this concert: I'm Not Yours, 大丈夫 Real Man, Dr Jolin, 日不落 Sun Will Never Set and PLAY我呸 PLAY! Full performance Starting from 51:20 Pictures I also wanted to wish you a very happy New Year!!! May 2016 be way better than 2015 for you and your loved ones!
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04 juillet 2015

PLAY World Tour: new goods (China only)!

They can be found HERE, but it seems that these are only shipped to China...
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07 décembre 2014

Watch 中国正在听 Rising Star China, 6th week!

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23 novembre 2014

First live for 美杜莎 Medusa on CCTV-15!

It was yesterday for the show 全球中文音乐榜上榜 Global Chinese Music Top 10! Click to watch: Buy 呸 PLAY Play With The Blonds pre-order version 5music | books tw | YesAsia Play With Medusa pre-order version 5music | books tw | YesAsia Regular version 5music | books tw | YesAsia
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24 juin 2014

Jolin at adidas press conference in Xiamen

It was yesterday! It seems that she will be adidas' brand ambassador in China as well now. Some pictures:
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19 août 2013

New endorsement for Jolin: Yishion

Yishion is a famous Chinese clothes brand! This new endorsement has been revealed today by Yishion's Weibo, check the pictures below!
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31 mars 2013

Myself World Tour: Yibin

Yesterday was the last concert in China... The Tour's last concert will be held in Kaohsiung on April 13th! Click on the songs to access the fancams. Setlist 美人計/Honey Trap玩美/Pulchritude黑髮尤物/Black-haired beautiful girl花蝴蝶/Butterfly大藝術家/The Great Artist馬賽克/MosaicLove Love Love愛情36計/36 Tricks Of Love冷暴力/Tacit Violence天空/Sky+詩人漫步/Wandering Poet特務J/Agent J + MJ dance tributeBeast玩愛之徒/Love Player招牌動作/Signature gesture+大丈夫/Real Man睜一隻眼閉一隻眼/Overlooking purposely我知道你很難過/I know you're feeling blue+離人節/Heartbreaking Day+開場白/The... [Lire la suite]
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