21 août 2012

New best release (by Sony Music Taiwan): J女神影音典藏精選/Ultimate Jolin 2 CD + DVD

I was like o_O when I saw this. Sony is releasing a 2 CD + DVD best. The CDs include songs released by Jolin under Sony but also Universal (it seems that they bought the rights...). The first CD contains dance songs and the second one love songs. The DVD includes MVs and a live. This is the 3rd best released by Sony after J-Top (2006) and Jolin's Final Wonderland (2007). It will be released on September 7th. CD 1 1. 招牌動作/Zhao pai dong zuo/Signature gesture2. 看我72變/Kan wo qi shi er bian/Magic3. 野蠻遊戲/Ye man you xi4. 愛情36計/Ai... [Lire la suite]
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10 juillet 2012

[EDIT: Taiwan Beer CF] Taiwan Beer press conference + new album scheduled for mid-September!

Jolin revealed today at this conference that preorders for the new album will begin at the end of August! This means that the album should be released by mid-September. Click on the picture below to access the others.  EDIT: you can see Taiwan Beer's new CF in this video. Michael Lin, an arranger, posted a picture of himself and Jolin today on his Weibo. He arranged several songs for her like 非賣品/Fei Mai Pin/Priceless, 日不落/Ri Bu Luo/Sun Will Never Set or 台灣心跳聲/Taiwan xin tiao sheng/Taiwan Heartbeat.   ... [Lire la suite]
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05 juin 2012

China Life Insurance CF 1 min 50 version + new endorsement for Jolin

Jolin has a new endorsement: she will be Bioxutag's new spokesperson. It's a Chinese skincare brand. Jolin was SKIN79/BBCream's spokesperson before but her contract has not been renewed. Bioxutag's new campaign with Jolin will begin in August.
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29 mai 2012

[EDIT] The new album will be released by the end of August?

Play-Music TW announced on their site last week the album was now in post-production! EDIT 06/04: I've been checking some sites for a few days and it seems to me that Play-Music TW is not very reliable... So please forget Play-Music TW's info XD And yesterday singpao.com revealed that the album will be released by the end of August/early September, and that Jolin began dance rehearsals for a new song! Just release this album already Warner lol
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23 mai 2012

Info about the upcoming album

This comes from 悦己SELF June (check pictures HERE)! -Jolin has recorded 6 songs so far for the album. -The theme for Myself made Jolin look like a Superwoman, but for this new album, Jolin is just a passionate woman who craves love. Jolin isn't someone who wants a whirlwind romance. She just wants simple love. Thanks to pommy@alan-international for translation If you missed this, previous news about the new album: - A British singer and a Korean photographer will participate in the album (post HERE). -Warner's CEO... [Lire la suite]
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20 mai 2012

Whisper event in Beijing

Jolin was in Beijing yesterday for a Whisper event. She confirmed there what Warner's CEO said on his Weibo: her new album will be released in August. Click on the picture to access the gallery!
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11 mai 2012

Jolin's new album won't be released before...

August >_< Jolin's manager & Warner's CEO Chen Ze-Shan revealed on his Weibo Warner's schedule for their artists' upcoming releases. And it says that Jolin's album will be released in August. "一大早開始瑜珈開始靜心後熱情的創作接下來幾張大片六月郭采潔八月蔡依林十月我最疼的老蕭十二月JJ我那美好的下半年"
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23 août 2010

Myself: new MV shooting! + TaipeiWalker preview

Jolin just posted on her Weibo that she's shooting a new MV today! No song mentioned, but I think it's for Take immediate action (即時生效).And previews pics from TaipeiWalker August: This magazine is available at YesAsia. Buy TaipeiWalker August 2010
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05 juillet 2010

Upcoming release: VOGUE 08/2010

Recap of all we already have about this new album! -Song leaked on 06/13: 即時生效 (Effective Immediately)! (Download it HERE)-Jolin's new album will be out in early August 2010. -Its name is "蔡依林同名专辑VOGUE" ("Jolin, let's VOGUE"). "VOGUE" will surely be its english title.-There will be 10 tracks in the album.-The album contains no cover song this time.-The album will be a concept album.-Jolin fully participated in the song selection and the production.-The 3 main hits have been chosen.-Warner is thinking about exposing Jolin's next... [Lire la suite]
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