19 novembre 2010

[Update] Myself MVs

I finally received my Myself 4D copy, so I ripped the MV's DVD! So the first 6 MVs are available now in DVDRip ^^ Click HERE to check this out.I will post scans too from the photobook & pics later.
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10 novembre 2010

Myself Dance with Me 4D: Autographed version

Everything is in the title XD You can buy it on YesAsia!Order Myself Dance with Me 4D Autographed version
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14 octobre 2010

New release: [Myself-dance with Jolin奢华庆功影音4D] 10/29

It's almost official, media start to talk about it. The new version will be called Myself-dance with Jolin奢华庆功影音4D (Myself-dance with Jolin extravagant celebration video 4D (D= Discs)). 1st Disc: Myself album2nd Disc: 5 remixessupposedly Honey Trap, Love Player, Party Star, Butterflies in my stomach and Macho babe Nothing about the 2 remaining discs at the moment, but a DVD is supposed to contain MVs and another one their makings. Honey Trap remix will be revealed on October 20th on HitFM. A special autograph session will be... [Lire la suite]
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