12 janvier 2014

MUSE & Myself World Tour DVD: 2013 sales

They have been revealed by Taiwan Music Billboard's Weibo like last year! MUSE ranked #20 in 2013 and sold 12,000 copies. If we add them to sales from 2012, Jolin sold 120,000 copies of MUSE!   As for Myself World Tour DVD, it ranked #3 and sold 63,000 copies!
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31 décembre 2013

Jolin ranks #15 with Journey in HitFM top 100 singles of 2013!

I didn't expect it to rank this high since it's not a title song or coming from an album! Full ranking:  http://www.hitoradio.com/activities2013/2013hitfmtop100/top100.php
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20 août 2013

In the end Myself World Tour DVD will be released in...

October! It seems that Jolin was originally worried about Gold Typhoon, she feared that they wouldn't give the copyrights but their response has been positive. Let's wait for October then...  
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12 août 2013

JOLIN LIVE PARTY (Birthday Party) on September 8th!

Well, Jolin's birthday is on September 15th, but she will celebrate with fans a week before! The last time Jolin held a party like that it was in 2011 at Riverside Music Cafe in Taipei (pictures HERE). This year it will be in Tainan, and in order to increase privacy, the location will only be revealed on the special invitations! Only 65 lucky fans will be able to attend this party. Time: September 8th, 1:00 pm Location: Tainan (details specified in the invitation) Fee: 700 yuan (includes drinks) [700 yuan = 17€48 or $23.37] ... [Lire la suite]
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15 juillet 2013

Jolin, guest performer at JJ Lin's concert yesterday at Taipei Arena

She sang 記得/Remember and 馬賽克/Mosaic with JJ Lin! News report with 記得, Mosaic and Hebe from S.H.E (she was in the audience in the VIP area) Mosaic Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery!
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07 juillet 2013

Jolin wins Best Song Of The Year award at the 24th Golden Melody Awards

The 24th Golden Melody Awards were held yesterday at Taipei Arena! Little reminder of Jolin's nominations: -"Best Song of The Year" award for The Great Artist = Won -"Best Mandarin Album" for MUSE = Lost to Sandy Lam's Gaia -"Best Mandarin Female Singer" = Lost to Sandy Lam -"Best MV" for The Great Artist = Lost to Mayday's Cheers   Red carpet Jolin receiving Best Song Of The Year award Jolin sang The Great Artist, check her performance below! Jolin and Jay Chou were presenters for "Best Mandarin Male Singer"... [Lire la suite]
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04 juillet 2013

Koobee Mobile (promo pics) & details about Jolin's upcoming performance at the Golden Melody Awards

Check out the new Koobee Mobile promotional pictures! Jolin's performance will mobilize 25 dancers and a 13 strings orchestra! Songs will be rearranged. Jolin also asked to her Hong-Kong stylist Tomas at least 3 sets of clothing! Jolin is nominated in four categories: Best Music Video (The Great Artist), Album of the Year (MUSE), Best Female Singer and Song of the Year (The Great Artist). The 24th Golden Melody Awards will be held at Taipei Arena on July 6th.
21 juin 2013

FHM Taiwan: 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2013: Jolin ranks...

35th. Last year she ranked 8th and the year before that 3rd. #1 Puff Guo (Dream Girls)#2 Sonia Sui#3 Amber Ann#4 Sunny Lin#5 Mandy Wei#6 Lan#7 Lin Ying Zhen (DaYuan from Popu Lady)#8 Vivian Hsu#9 Lin Chi-Ling#10 Tia Li (aka Keiko from Dream Girls)#11 Lin Yu-pin (A-Xi)#12 Effie Yuan aka Phoebe#13 Weng Tzymann#14 Janine Chang#15 Hyuna (4minute)#16 Chen Yuan#17 Alice Tzeng#18 Annie Chen#19 Ariel Lin#20 Yoona (SNSD)#21 Abby Fung#22 Wu Yi Pei aka Patty#23 Ivy Chen#24 Lu Yu-ling#25 Anne Hathaway#26 Gwei Lun-Mei#27 Angelababy#28 Michelle... [Lire la suite]
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30 mai 2013

Jolin is back in Taiwan

Jolin left New York yesterday afternoon after taking classes there for a week. Contrary to what has been said in China Times Weekly, she didn't take Advanced Placement courses but acting classes! In New York these classes focused on solidifying basic skills: breathing, body, voice, yoga, spiritual improvement and so on. In July she will fly to London to take six weeks of acting classes! On her spare time she would stroll in the streets, one day a French photographer asked if he could take pictures of her and she agreed. Check the... [Lire la suite]
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24 avril 2013

Jolin ranks 9th in 2013 Forbes China Celebrity List

She was 7th last year (check THIS post). Jolin is the first Taiwanese singer to appear in the ranking! In this ranking, two indicators are used to determine the commercial value of the celebrity: income & exposure. 1. Fan Bingbing (actress) 2. Jay Chou (singer, actor) 3. Andy Lau (actor, singer) 4. Jackie Chan (actor, director) 5. Zhang Ziyi (Actress) 6. Eason Chan (singer, actor) 7. Yang Mi (actress) 8. Huang Xiaoming (actor) 9. Jolin Tsai (singer) 10. Lin Chi-Ling (actress, model) 11. Li Na (athlete) 12. Wang Leehom... [Lire la suite]
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