01 novembre 2010

[EDIT] Black-haired beautiful girl MV full version!

That was fast lol Previews yesterday and full MV today! This is the official version, without tags. EDIT: MV available for download in HQ, click HERE.
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31 octobre 2010

[Streaming] Black-haired beautiful girl MV previews

Jolin went to a Taiwanese show called 完全娱乐 (Complete Entertainment), and they showed a LOT of previews from Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物) MV. I compiled them into one video.
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27 octobre 2010

[Video] Myself Dance with Me 4D: TV promotion

Jolin went on a Taiwanese show today to promote Myself's new version! We can see in this video: -Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物, Hei Fa You Wu) MV making in Shanghai-Myself Dance with Me 4D package & booklet-Myself Dance with Me 4D photobook I can't wait to receive it *_*And I hope 黑髮尤物 MV will be broadcast soon too! If you want to preorder it's this way: Preorder TAKE 2 Myself Dance with Me 4D on YesAsia
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25 octobre 2010

[EDIT] Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物) MV shooting BTS (28 pics)

Pictures were taken on the MV's set ^^ (The MV has been shot last week, check THIS post) Click on this picture to access the photo album Source: baidu
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18 octobre 2010

Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物) MV shooting!

A rumor said that Jolin was going to shoot this MV in Shanghai on October 18th, and it seems to be confirmed!Today Jolin left a message on her Weibo that said     [早安上海 (Good morning Shanghai)   今天 07:01] And a woman who acts in the MV, princesschenpan (her Weibo usename) posted pics from the set ^^ Jolin is wearing in the MV according to sources at least 2 sets of clothes: a yellow skirt and a black feather cape, and a black and white skirt suit.
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28 septembre 2010

Jolin @ China's Got Talent (中国达人秀)

China's Got Talent finals are on October 10th at 7:30p.m. It will be broadcast live on DragonTV, and Jolin will be there! Fans hope she will sing Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物), China's Got Talent insert song.I remind you that the winner will have the opportunity to perform on her World Tour, which is supposed to begin in December 2010.
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27 septembre 2010

Jolin practicing choreography for Black-haired beautiful girl (黑髮尤物)!

Jolin posted this today on her Weibo. [練舞魯 黑髮尤物!!!!! 9月27日 18:45] It means that she's practicing a choreography for Black-haired beautiful girl!! So Black-haired beautiful girl might actually be the Hydron MV*! In that case the Chinese 30s preview we had before was just a CF for China's Got Talent and nothing else... *: Hydron made events in China. One person has been chosen from each 8 cities where the event was held and these people are going to be sent to Taiwan to shoot an MV from Jolin's new album!  
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14 juillet 2010

Jolin shot an MV for 黑髮尤物, China's Got Talent insert song

Jolin shot an MV in Shanghai for 黑髮尤物 (Black Hair Stunner) (preview here), the China's Got Talent insert song on July 12th.We have pictures of the shooting!!!
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12 juillet 2010

[EDIT2] New songs previews: 黑髮尤物, 小伤口 & 美人計 !

Jolin went to a "China's Got Talent" event, and a song from the album was revealed to the audience. Only 23 seconds are available in the end actually XD The song is called 黑髮尤物 (Black Hair Stunner). It will be the show's insert song. Lyrics:一个个musical girl 和自信的男生 你就是你风格 不要的爱人本色明智的人 全世界都有点困 EDIT: We have now a preview of 美人計 (Trick of the Beauty) as well! EDIT 2 (4:30 pm): We have a preview of 小伤口 (Small Wound), it's a ballad this time!
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