13 août 2011

[EDIT] Book 養瘦: fan meeting

It was today, Jolin answered questions about her book with the assistance of a health teacher. We only have a few pics for now. This post will be edited if we get more pics or videos. EDIT:
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31 juillet 2011

Autograph session for 養瘦 in Kaohsiung

The autograph session today was in Kaohsiung, videos below.
30 juillet 2011

[EDIT] Autograph session for 養瘦 in Taipei

Today Jolin was in Taipei for her book's autograph session. We already have pics & videos! Click on the picture to access the photo album.  You can watch the autograph session in HD here: PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 PART 6    EDIT: Jolin's sister Min Wen attended the event and came with her son. Jolin's mother & father were there too.
27 juillet 2011

Jolin's book: 養瘦 the best-seller of the summer?

Jolin's book tops the books' sales for 2 weeks straight now, it's really selling well, more than 30,000 books sold in 2 weeks. Media think this will be the best-seller of the summer! books.com.tw Kingstone.tw Note: In a previous post about the press conference for the book I talked about 50,000 preorders. I wonder if in the end it was 5,000 since she sold 30,000 books in two weeks. Really sorry about that >_< By the way, Jolin has 2 autograph sessions scheduled in Taiwan for the book on July 30th & July 31st,... [Lire la suite]
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12 juillet 2011

Jolin's book: 養瘦:Jolin first pics

The book has been released today and we already have some pics. Click on the picture to access the photo album! Buy Yang Shou :Jolin Neng Chi Neng Shui You Neng Shou De Jian Mei Yin Shi Diao Yang Fa on YesAsia
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11 juillet 2011

Jolin's book: 養瘦:Jolin book offered as first press gift

I already mentioned before the fact that you could get SKIN79/BBcream products if you preorder on books.tw or Kingstone. But now there's a first press gift on books.tw: a small 32 pages book called Jolin私筆記-90天完成養瘦的美麗夢想 (basically it means "Jolin private notes - how to become beautiful & thin in 90 days"). Here's its cover: I don't know if they'll add it on YesAsia. If you want to preorder on books.tw it's HERE.
22 juin 2011

Jolin's book: first promo pic & release date

Today we got a promo pic for Jolin's upcoming book about dietetics. According to books.tw it will be released on July 13th! Here's its title: 養瘦: Jolin能吃能睡又能瘦的健美飲食調養法. It has 224 pages and contains advices from Jolin about losing weight and how to stay thin as well. Quick Summary of the text available on books.tw (thanks to pommy@alaninternational): [Jolin will teach you to "eat, sleep, and still be skinny" tips for your daily life. She talks about how her sister slimmed down 1 month after giving birth. Jolin actually has a fat... [Lire la suite]
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