22 décembre 2011

Jolin & her book "養瘦": ranking in Taiwan for 2011

Rankings have been revealed on books.tw. Jolin's book ranks 17th overall in the top 100 of 2011... ...and ranks 2nd in the "nutrition books" top of 2011. Congrats to her!!
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26 novembre 2011

Jolin at an autograph session in Beijing for her book 養瘦

I was waiting for a video to post this news (by the way videos from tudou are so hard to rip lately, I wonder why o_O). Anyway, Jolin was today in Beijing for an autograph session, it's the last one for her book in China. Click on the picture to access the photo album.
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13 août 2011

[EDIT] Book 養瘦: fan meeting

It was today, Jolin answered questions about her book with the assistance of a health teacher. We only have a few pics for now. This post will be edited if we get more pics or videos. EDIT:
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31 juillet 2011

Autograph session for 養瘦 in Kaohsiung

The autograph session today was in Kaohsiung, videos below.