21 avril 2014

Jolin at Project WAO (Women As One) Female Solidarity Music Festival

It was yesterday at Taipei Arena! Jolin was a guest performer along with Faith Yang and Matilda Tao. Singers A-Mei, Na Ying, Sandy Lam and Tanya Chua were the main performers. They also released a charity single a week ago for Project WAO called We Are One (MV HERE)! This project's aim is to raise money for abused women. Jolin performed 我 I with Tanya Chua (the song's composer), Taiwanese song 苦海女神龍 Suffering Sea Female Dragon, and 大藝術家 The Great Artist! Fancams 我 I feat. Tanya Chua 苦海女神龍... [Lire la suite]
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10 décembre 2012


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05 décembre 2012

MUSE: 我/I MV revealed on December 10th!

Warner just announced it on their Facebook page, 我/I MV will be revealed on Monday at 10:00 am Taiwan time! Jolin shared another picture of the MV on her Weibo this time.   And Warner posted a promo picture. EDIT: The director is Fu Tianyu (she directed the movie Somewhere I Have Never Traveled), she won a few awards including the Golden Bell Award for Best Screenplay! It's a black and white MV, I remind you that Jolin wanted the upbeat songs' MVs to be colorful, and the ballads' MVs to be in black and white. The MV's... [Lire la suite]
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04 décembre 2012

Jolin's Instagram: a picture from "I" MV??

Jolin opened an Instagram account a few months ago and only posted one picture on it since then. But she started to post pictures again in it yesterday! The first one is a picture of her with friends and the second one a picture of her alone with this message "我" ("I"). It has been revealed a couple of weeks ago by Jimmy Bradshaw Chou, a member of Jolin's staff, that there was a MV for "我/I". So this picture must come from the shooting. Click on this LINK to access the 3 pictures already posted by Jolin on Instagram. You can also... [Lire la suite]
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