03 octobre 2013

Myself World Tour DVD promotion: Jolin at 100% Entertainment and Complete Entertainment

It was yesterday! Jolin is promoting Journey as well, she gave promo singles to the hosts. In 100% Entertainment/娛樂百分百 you will see Jolin playing Angry Birds, Myself World Tour DVD and press conference footage. And here's the Complete Entertainment/完全娛樂 video: Link if you can't see the video: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjE2NTY4ODM2.html Don't forget to preorder ;) Preorder on 5music Preorder on G-Music Preorder on Warner TW official store Preorder on books.com.tw Preorder on YesAsia

20 septembre 2012

Jolin's appearance in 100% Entertainment

It was yesterday! Enjoy!  By the way it seems that Dr. Jolin will be the third promo song, we'll get its MV on Monday at 8 pm (Taiwan time).
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