25 août 2013

SUMMER SUPER SLIPPA Festival: 五月花/Mayflower (Jolin + Mayday) performance

They performed quite a lot of songs yesterday at Taipei Arena: 特務J/Agent J, 舞孃/Dancing Diva, 天空/Sky, 小小孩/Xiao Xiao Hai (new song by Mayflower), 愛情萬歲/Ai Qing Wan Sui (Mayday song), 你是我胸口永遠的痛/Ni Shi Wo Xiong Kou Yong Yuan De Tong (Wang Jie & Ye Huan duet) and 大藝術家/The Great Artist! Fancams 特務J/Agent J 舞孃/Dancing Diva 天空/Sky 小小孩/Xiao Xiao Hai (new song) Lyrics: A-Shin (from Mayday)Composer: Stone (from Mayday) 愛情萬歲/Ai Qing Wan Sui 你是我胸口永遠的痛/Ni Shi Wo Xiong Kou Yong Yuan De Tong ... [Lire la suite]
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