22 juin 2011

Liquan Beer's contest in partnership with National Geographic

This contest is called "Pure experience the whole ecosystem - from the Lijiang River to the Amazon". It began on June 13th and will end on November 18th. It's a contest with several steps, and in the end, 8 people will get a 14 days trip to the Amazon River. Some pics from the official site:
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22 juin 2011

Jolin's book: first promo pic & release date

Today we got a promo pic for Jolin's upcoming book about dietetics. According to books.tw it will be released on July 13th! Here's its title: 養瘦: Jolin能吃能睡又能瘦的健美飲食調養法. It has 224 pages and contains advices from Jolin about losing weight and how to stay thin as well. Quick Summary of the text available on books.tw (thanks to pommy@alaninternational): [Jolin will teach you to "eat, sleep, and still be skinny" tips for your daily life. She talks about how her sister slimmed down 1 month after giving birth. Jolin actually has a fat... [Lire la suite]
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22 juin 2011

Jolin in Yangshuo yesterday for a photoshoot

Jolin was yesterday in Yansghuo, she did a photoshoot for a beer brand. According to the outfit, I'll say that it's for LiQuan Beer (check THIS post).
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19 juin 2011

Jolin attends a wedding part II: HQ pics & new video

As I said HERE Jolin attended a friend's wedding yesterday. We have HQ pics & a new video! Ariel Lin attended too, she was the bride's maid of honor. You can see her in the video and on some of the pics. In the video you can hear Namie Amuro's song Can You Celebrate. Jolin offered them champagne from Paris as a wedding gift.
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18 juin 2011

22nd Golden Melody Awards & wedding

In the end Jolin didn't win the "Best Music Video" award with Honey Trap MV, HEBE did with her song 寂寞寂寞就好 (Ji Mo Ji Mo Jiu Hao). Jolin didn't attend the ceremony and went to the wedding of her friend Lee Yi instead. Lee Yi is a Taiwanese actor.
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18 juin 2011

[Captures] Taiwan Beer Official site

Seriously I searched for it and they have like a billion sites, but I haven't found the one with Jolin. So I had to take the pics with tags from baidu :/  
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17 juin 2011

[EDIT] Jolin in Paris!!

I posted about it yesterday on Twitter & the forum, so now I'm talking about it here XD Jolin is in Paris (France) since the beginning of the week, she posted several pictures already on her Weibo. The last picture shows the bridge from Agent J's MV/movie. I think Jolin will leave soon (if she hasn't already we'll see) because she has to attend a wedding on June 18th. So if you live in Paris open your eyes!! EDIT 06/17: According to media Jolin went to Paris for magazine photoshoots. She's indeed supposed to leave... [Lire la suite]
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15 juin 2011

Pepsi's new campaign "Desire is Power" Highlights & Taiwan Beer lottery

We have a LQ video showing contents of the upcoming Pepsi campaign with Jolin, "Desire is Power". And Taiwan Beer is launching a lottery. By buying their beer you can win a meeting with Jolin & "cheers" with her lol It's starting today and it will end on July 13th. They opened a special site for it: http://jolincheers.ievent.com.tw/ Some pics Taiwan Beer fan
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14 juin 2011

[CF & pictures] SKIN79-BBCream "Dear Rose"

After Yamaha CUXI yesterday, now it's SKIN79's turn to reveal their new CF & update their official website! Official website's captures & wallpaper CF Making
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14 juin 2011

Myself World Tour Malaysia: videos & pics part III

More videos: Tacit Violence Real Man Dancing Forever Previous videos THERE & THERE. More pics CHECK MORE PICS ON THE FORUM
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