19 mars 2012

Jolin at Langjiu's night SuperStar Concert in Chengdu

Yesterday, after her autograph session, she sang three songs at Langjiu's night SuperStar Concert: 美人计 (Mei Ren Ji/Honey Trap), 小伤口 (Xiao Shang Kou/Real hurt) and 日不落 (Ri Bu Luo/Sun Will Never Set)! Click on the picture to access the photo album. Whole performance
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18 mars 2012

Autograph session today in Chengdu for Jolin's book 养瘦+album in preparation

So it was today at 4:00 PM (Chinese time). Most of the fans were already there at 2:00 PM and sang Sun Will Never Set's chorus since it's sunny today in Chengdu. After her arrival Jolin shared beauty and slimming tips and signed books as well. Aside from that, reporters asked her what she's been doing lately, since we barely saw her at public events. Jolin answered that it was because she was (and is still) preparing her new album scheduled for this summer. Source: ent.news.chengdu.cn Click on the picture to access the other... [Lire la suite]
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17 mars 2012

[CF] Mengniu & Sunbites

Mengniu Sunbites (it's not the one with the dog yet, it's another one)  
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14 mars 2012

Sunbites: new CF making and promo pics

It seems that Whoohoo, Jolin's dog, was supposed to act in this CF, but the director thought it would be better to choose a dog actor since their schedule was tight. So if I understood well, the dog on the picture below and in the CF is not Whoohoo XD      
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13 mars 2012

Some news about 72 changes, and upcoming fashion online store opening?!?!

If you follow Jolin for a while you must know that she had a clothing brand called 72 changes, sold mostly in the USA. Jolin inaugurated a 72 changes store in Shanghai last year, but it has already closed down. She didn't renew her contract too -"because of differences in vision" according to the media- when it ended, so the brand doesn't exist anymore, its official site and official FB page have been closed down. Jolin intends now to create a clothing brand sold online only. Prices will be affordable. Why online only? Here's what... [Lire la suite]
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12 mars 2012

Jolin will attend the "SUPER G!RLS FESTA" (Japanese fashion show) in Taipei

Thanks a lot to Carrotie@blogspot for translating this article, and I apologize to her too lol ["Tokyo Girls Collection" which has been popular with girls in Japan will be moving over to Taiwan in its original form. "SUPER G!RLS FESTA" which was created by previous TCG in-charge will be held on 15th April at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 2. The performance guest will be none other than the music industry Pop Princess, Jolin Tsai. In order to let Jolin show the latest and newest fashion in Japan, the organisers had... [Lire la suite]
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08 mars 2012

Jolin in new Hydron CF

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06 mars 2012

Myself World Tour DVD...

...won't be released. I saw someone say that on baidu a week ago I think but I was waiting for some kind of confirmation. And now we have it: someone asked again on G-Music's Facebook if they had some news about Myself World Tour's DVD. And a comment liked by G-Music's staff said that the DVD won't be released... Seriously I really wanted that DVD >_<
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05 mars 2012

[CF] Head & Shoulders

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05 mars 2012

[Pics] Hydron

They have been posted today on Hydron's official Weibo.          
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