09 février 2014

[Subbed MV] 和世界做鄰居(我可以)/He Shi Jie Zuo Lin Ju (Wo Ke Yi)/Living with the world with English & French subtitles!

You can find this song in JOLIN 1019 (1999), her first album! Click on CC to choose between pinyin, English or French subs. If you just want to check the lyrics, it's HERE!

11 juin 2012

我知道你很難過/Wo zhi dao ni hen nan guo/I know you're feeling blue

Jolin's very first ballad! Enjoy! Click on CC to choose between English, French, or pinyin subs. -> I also subbed the 2009 live from JOLIN LOVE & LIVE, click HERE to access it.
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