29 août 2015

PLAY World Tour: date added in Taipei + Jolin's trip to Japan

Another date in Taipei has been added yesterday, on November 5th! CF  Jolin went to Japan recently to Madame Tussauds' Wax Museum (Tokyo)! She also met Travis Payne, PLAY World Tour's director, to find new ideas for the Tour, and contacted Wyman Wong for new outfits.
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22 août 2015

Send a letter to Jolin for her birthday!

Yes, you can really send a letter to Jolin, it's all official! 2015 Jolin's birthday activity (Jolin's birthday is on September 15th) Picture from Jolin's Fans Club Facebook Jolin has been around for 16 years, she has released 13 albums, has lots of hits, has/had lots of endorsements too.As a consequence there must be something related to her that you treasure the most. It can be something related to her endorsements, a present, or something rare like a cassette or limited edition singles for instance.Take a picture of it, attach... [Lire la suite]
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18 août 2015

Stars Concert in Nanning + new Blue Myth CF!

Two days ago Jolin performed three songs in Nanning: 美杜莎 Medusa, 第三人称 The Third Person And I, and 日不落 Sun Will Never Set! Pictures Fancams And another CF for Chinese brand 海之秘 Blue Myth has been revealed!
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16 août 2015

Jolin attends Samsung Galaxy Note 5 event in Taipei

Yesterday 200 people were able to get before everyone worldwide the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5!Some of them queued up for 16 hours...According to some articles, there were even people from China, Japan or the United States. The first 20 customers got a picture with Jolin and a signature! Pictures Video EDIT: Jolin announced during this event that a new date has been added in Taipei on November 6th as part of her PLAY World Tour! A "cake exhibition" will also take place at the venue, Taipei Arena.
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13 août 2015

Jolin makes a surprise appearance at Jody Chiang's concert!

Jolin was the guest performer yesterday at 江蕙 Jody Chiang's 11th concert at Taipei Arena as part of her farewell Tour 2015江蕙祝福演唱會 2015 Best Wishes To You - Jody's concert.They performed 舞女 Dancing Girl together! Pictures Video
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07 août 2015

Jolin's VCR for Show Luo's birthday + new Head & Shoulders (China) CF

Singer Show Luo celebrated his birthday (July 30th) on his show 娛樂百分百 100% Entertainment, and we got to see Jolin's gift and a VCR of her singing "Happy Birthday" while performing PLAY我呸 PLAY's choreography! Besides this, a new Head & Shoulders CF has been revealed.
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03 août 2015

Jolin spotted in Santorini (Greece)!

She has been spotted a couple of days ago in Santorini, a Greek island, by a tourist (credits as tagged): Jolin also shared some pictures yesterday on Instagram and Facebook!
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