Jolin came back yesterday from a 2-week dance training in Los Angeles! Rehearsals were starting at 8:00 am with 12 elite dancers from all around the world, and it could last to 14 hours a day. Some songs will be re-choreographed to surprise fans, Jolin has been learning 25 choreos!



News report w/ PLAY我呸 PLAY and 野蠻遊戲 J-Game (aka Wild Game)

By the way, maybe you already heard about it, but rumor has it that Japanese singer Namie Amuro might be the first guest performer of the Tour... Jolin's agent, Tom Wang, said however that guest performers were not on the agenda at the moment. But he added that if some performances were suitable for it, they might decide later to invite someone.

Concerning tickets, tickets for the Taipei dates (May 22nd, 23rd, 24th) were on sale today starting from noon on ibon machines in Taiwan... And the 33,000 tickets have been sold in only 18 minutes!

EDIT: since tickets sold out so fast, another date has been added on May 25th!

Besides this, it seems that Jolin will be the guest performer of 張惠妹 aMEI's concert on April 14th!