This MV has been filmed at the Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden in Taichung.

MV plot: Namie and Jolin are hotel owners and sisters. Clients (men) come over and they turn them into donkeys... At the end we can see two nine-tailed foxes who are actually Jolin and Namie (Namie being the black one and Jolin the white one).

Director: Muh Chen (大藝術家 The Great Artist, PLAY我呸 PLAY)

MV plot inspired by a story from the volume 296 of The Extensive Records of the Taiping Era called "The Three Illusions"

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呸 PLAY's repackage will be released on February 6th! This CD+DVD (9 MVs) version is also offering a 2015 Calendar.

On another note, it seems that 呸 PLAY actually sold 63,837 copies in 2014 and not 38,000 like previously said. These sales have been certified by a lawyer. To date, 呸 PLAY has sold 75,000 copies in Taiwan!