Jolin posted this teaser on her Facebook, the MV will be revealed on February 3rd!



This MV has been inspired by a story from the volume 296 of The Extensive Records of the Taiping Era called "The Three Illusions".

The Three Illusions: Summary
A woman called San Niangzi owns the Pianchao hotel. No one knows where she's from, she has no children, no relatives. People think she's a widow.

One day a man called Zhao Ji comes to book a room for the night. Unlike the other customers, he doesn't drink anything served by the owner. During the night he sees her enchanting some wooden puppets which do all kind of tasks for her.
On the next day, she offers biscuits to the customers, but Zhao Ji leaves instantly... And the customers are all turned into donkeys.
Zhao Ji comes back a month later and tricks San Niangzi. He switches her biscuits with his own, and makes her eat one of her own biscuits claiming that they're his, so she turns into a donkey. He rides her home and takes the wooden puppets, but they're of no use to him since he doesn't know magic. 4 years later, he meets an old man who recognizes San Niangzi and says that she has suffered enough. He turns her back into her human form. She thanks the old man, leaves, and no one ever heard of her ever again.

In the MV Jolin and Namie are sisters who own a hotel. No one knows where their wealth or their donkeys come from...

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