Yes, finally you can watch the whole concert with subtitles. Talks have also been translated.

I uploaded the last part yesterday. Jolin opens up in this one and that doesn't happen every day, so it's a must-see!

Before I forget: huge thanks to Caroline Chong. I will never been able to thank her enough for all the translations she provided me.

Full concert


DVD 1 Part 1/3:
DVD 1 Part 2/3:
DVD 1 Part 3/3:
DVD 2 Part 1/2:
DVD 2 Part 2/2:


DVD 1 Partie 1/3:
DVD 1 Partie 2/3:
DVD 1 Partie 3/3:
DVD 2 Partie 1/2:
DVD 2 Partie 2/2:

Note: if you own the DVDs (or have a rip of the concert), here's the subs.
Please don't post them somewhere else, they're just for personal use.

DVD 1 & 2

Don't forget that you can still buy the DVDs online (regular version only):

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