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EDIT: full MV will be revealed on December 16th.

Starring Kuei Ya Lei
Special performances by Jolin Tsai, Ruby Lin and Bryan/Shuhao Chang
Produced by Leste Chen & directed by Hou Chijian

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Synopsis: It's about lesbian partners who have been together for 30 years. One of them one day has to go to the hospital and the other one cannot sign a consent form because she's not considered family. The medical staff keeps asking her "what is the relationship between you and the patient?", and she can only answer "good friends".
Part translated by Carrotie:
"When Kuei Ya-lei sends her partner off in sadness, a beam of light brings her back to the past. She sees the younger version of her partner (acted by Jolin), she has returned back to her younger form too (acted by Ruby Lin)."

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