Finally, after 2 years and 2 months, Jolin has released a new album!!


Regular version cover

Tracklist with official English titles

1. 第二性/Di Er Xing/Gentlewomen 3:39
2. PLAY我呸/PLAY Wo Pei/PLAY 3:13
3. 美杜莎/Mei Du Sha/Medusa 4:04
4. 唇語/Chun Yu/Lip Reading 3:39
5. I'm Not Yours (feat. Namie Amuro) 3:41
6. 自愛自受/Zi Ai Zi Shou/I Love, I Embrace 3:55
7. Miss Trouble 3:13
8. 電話皇后/Dian Hua Huang Hou/Phony Queen 2:58
9. 第三人稱/Di San Ren Cheng/The Third Person And I 4:46
10. 不一樣又怎麼樣/Bu Yi Yang You Zen Me Yang/We're All Different, Yet The Same 3:18

You can listen to the album online on these sites:

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China Mobile ->

And some pics from both pre-order versions:

Play With The Blonds


Play With Medusa


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Play With The Blonds pre-order version

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Play With Medusa pre-order version

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Regular version

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