Jolin recently shot promotional pictures in New York, and collaborated with Beyoncé's designers The Blonds who provided 24 outfits for her. These promo pics are supposed to show us a strong and playful Jolin! She's portraying a gangster, a Broadway musical actress, a Greek Goddess.


Credits from JimmyChouStudio@weibo

Photo by Marko Krunic / Costume by The Blonds / Creative & Image director: Jimmy Chou / Make up: Lynn/ Hair: Johnny Ho / Client: Eternal Music

The album is called 呸/Pei. According to the article I read, we must understand it as an homophone of "PLAY" (PLAY is the official English title of the new album). means "to spit (with contempt)" according to an online dictionary. Every song will have its own MV, so we'll get 10 MVs!

With 呸 PLAY Jolin wants to bring us joy and optimism since there is chaos in the world nowadays and we must also face a lot of pressure from society.
So she's joking/playing with music in this album. To convey the album's optimism, she'll play roles in a self-depreciating (self-mocking) manner.
By the way PLAY not only refer to the verb but also to the noun "play" (theatre).

Release is scheduled for November 15th!