Sorry for this (huge) delay, but here's the 3rd and last part for DVD 1! It's the ballad section, tracklist:

我知道你很難過/Wo zhi dao ni hen nan guo/I know you're feeling blue aka I know you are sad
離人節/Li ren jie/Heartbreaking Day
開場白/Kai chang bai/The Prologue
愛上了一條街/Ai shang le yi tiao jie/Love That Street
你怎麼連話都說不清楚/Ni zen mo lian hua dou shuo bu qing chu/Can't Speak Clearly
檸檬草的味道/Ning meng cao de wei dao/The smell of lemon grass
妥協/Tuo Xie/Compromise
假裝/Jia Zhuang/Pretence
倒帶/Dao dai/Rewind

Talks are subbed as well!



And one last thing... I'm sharing softsubs (pinyin+English/French translation) for DVD 1 if you own the DVD or have a DVD Rip! They're for personal use only, I don't want to see them uploaded somewhere else. Thank you in advance, and enjoy!

Download English softsubs (DVD 1)

Télécharger les sous-titres français (DVD 1)