31 janvier 2013

[EDIT w/ press conference video in English] Jolin at Taiwan Music Night in Paris

It seems that the crowd has been very enthousiastic during the whole performance!! She spoke a little bit of French as well. She performed for 45 minutes. Click on the songs to access the fancams! Setlist 大藝術家/The Great ArtistBeast倒帶/Rewind野蠻遊戲/J-Game看我72變/Magic aka Watch my 72 changes愛無赦/Bravo lover玩愛之徒/Love Player七上八下/Butterflies in my stomach舞孃/Dancing Diva迷幻/FantasyDr Jolin Fancam Jolin speaking French You can see some pictures at this LINK. Click also on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery! ... [Lire la suite]
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28 janvier 2013

[EDIT] Jolin at MIDEM in Cannes

So the press conference was yesterday! It seems that Jolin might collaborate with Jean-Michel Jarre on his Oxygen project? According to another article I've read it will be confirmed by Wednesday at the press conference held before the Taiwan Night... So wait and see. Jolin is staying at Hôtel Majestic Barrière in Cannes. She did not expect to meet fans in Europe but some Chinese fans tracked her to the restaurant where she was eating to ask for an autograph! Jolin might stay in Cannes until Wednesday (day of the Taiwan... [Lire la suite]
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25 janvier 2013

Jolin will attend MIDEM in Cannes and Taiwan Night in Paris (part II)

Jolin will fly today to France! She wants to take a look at the Cannes Film Festival venue, drink the famous hot chocolate "ANGELINA" and eat macarons in Paris. Jolin, Salamander and William Wei will attend a press conference on Sunday at MIDEM in Cannes. Next Wednesday at Taiwan Night in Paris (Le Trianon) the grand finale will be done by Jolin who will perform 11 songs! 18 staff members are coming with her including 6 dancers and 5 musicians. If you want to buy tickets for the Taiwan Night, it's HERE.
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24 janvier 2013

[English subtitles] 解散愛/Jie San Ai/Let’s break up and 娘子漢/Niang Zi Han/Macho babe

I managed to get translations for these, so enjoy ^^ Now all the songs from Myself have a translation!
24 janvier 2013

Jolin shoots a commercial for Adidas

Jolin has been spotted on January 22nd at Huashan Creative Arts Center in Taipei while she was shooting a CF for Adidas. Jolin became recently Adidas' spokesperson, if I'm not mistaken her dancers were wearing Adidas sneakers at the Taipei concerts at the end of December. Check the pictures below:
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20 janvier 2013

Myself World Tour Encore Taipei Special Video w/ English subtitles

It's the video that aired before "I" performance at the Taipei concerts in December 2012 and has been shared by Warner on Jolin's YouTube channel. A mother/daughter interview translated by carrotie.blogspot.com. Enjoy!
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19 janvier 2013

Jolin at the 8th KKBOX Digital Music Awards in Taipei

She won the "Top 10 singers of the year" award and performed five songs: The Great Artist, Fantasy, Dr Jolin, Honey Trap (it was a "remix") and Bravo Lover! Click on the picture to access the photo album in the gallery! Jolin's performance
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19 janvier 2013

Jolin at Remy Martin Centaur Dance Showdown Regional Finals in Singapore

The last contest was China only, this one reunited six Asian countries (Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Philippines). Vietnam's S.I.N.E has been crowned Asia's best dance crew! Jolin was one of the judges and also performed four songs: Honey Trap, The Great Artist, Rewind and Dancing Diva. Click on the picture below to access the photo album in the gallery! Honey Trap The Great Artist Rewind Dancing Diva
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18 janvier 2013

Endorsements: Pepsi CF shooting & PepsiCo micromovie for 2013

Jolin shot a micromovie in the end of 2012, she appears 30 seconds in it for Tropicana. This micromovie has been made by PepsiCo Taiwan (Pepsi, Lays, Tropicana...) for the New Year and their spokespersons acted in it. If you want to watch it full click HERE, for Jolin's part only, check the video below. Click on the picture below to access the photo album and see promo pics! On January 10th Jolin shot a new Pepsi CF with Show Luo. Check out the promo pictures!
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17 janvier 2013

EDIT: Taiwan's top 20 best-selling albums of 2012: Jolin ranks 3rd with MUSE!

EDIT 2 with ranking and sales shared by Taiwan Music Billboard! Finally!! MUSE ends up 3rd with 108,000 copies sold! Jolin is also the best-selling female artist of the top! In 2010 she ranked 4th with Myself and 65,000 copies sold. Check the top 10 of 2012 below, I added the release dates in parenthesis. Top 20 of 2012 #1 Show Luo - 9ood show: 155,000 copies sold (April 2012) #2 Mayday - Second Round: 135,000 copies sold (Dec. 2011) #3 Jolin Tsai - MUSE: 108,000 copies sold (Sept. 2012) #4 Jay Chou - Opus 12: 65,000... [Lire la suite]
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