While shooting the calendar poster for AppleDaily, Jolin shared her aspirations for 2013: she wants to go for three weeks in a Parisian school to learn how to bake desserts, and sunbathe on an Hawaiian beach.

She didn't think at all about getting married this year, and she hopes her agent will give her vacation in order to complete her wishes.

AppleDaily's article also reveals that more than 100,000 copies of MUSE have been shipped to stores within Taiwan in 2012. Her Myself World Tour is both critically acclaimed and popular, and her New Year's Eve performance at Hunan TV was the highest rating of the night.

As for her accident during rehearsals last month, Jolin declared that her mind at that moment went blank, she was terrified and wondered what was going to happen. She considered herself lucky and doesn't have any regrets for 2012.

Check the picture below, I think it's the one they will use for the calendar:

DA24_001 EN12_002