It was today in Tainan, Jolin sang in front of 40,000 people all songs from the new album!!

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01. 大藝術家/Da Yi Shu Jia/The Great Artist
02 Beast
03 彩色相片/Cai Se Zhao Pian/Color Photos
04 馬賽克/Ma Sai Ke/Mosaic
05 有人/You Ren/Someone
06 柵欄間隙偷窺你/Zha Lan Jian Xi Tou Kui Ni/Spying On You Behind The Fence
07 我/Wo/I
08 詩人漫步/Shi Ren Man Bu/Wandering Poet
Dance interlude
09 迷幻/Mi Huan/Fantasy
10 十三號星期舞/Shi San Hao Xing Qi Wu/Friday the 13th
11 Dr. Jolin

EDIT: funny dialogue between Whoohoo & Stefanie Sun, Ella Chen (S.H.E) & Show Luo's dogs.

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The concert will be broadcast on TV on October 27th.