21 août 2012

New best release (by Sony Music Taiwan): J女神影音典藏精選/Ultimate Jolin 2 CD + DVD

I was like o_O when I saw this. Sony is releasing a 2 CD + DVD best. The CDs include songs released by Jolin under Sony but also Universal (it seems that they bought the rights...). The first CD contains dance songs and the second one love songs. The DVD includes MVs and a live. This is the 3rd best released by Sony after J-Top (2006) and Jolin's Final Wonderland (2007). It will be released on September 7th. CD 1 1. 招牌動作/Zhao pai dong zuo/Signature gesture2. 看我72變/Kan wo qi shi er bian/Magic3. 野蠻遊戲/Ye man you xi4. 愛情36計/Ai... [Lire la suite]
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