A few days ago, Jolin left Taiwan for France where she shot another MV but also had the album photoshoot done.

An international team built up to create the "JOLIN J-ART" style: people from Paris, London, Beijing, Hong-Kong and Taiwan among others participated.

The album concept is Jolin's first attempt to "mix" pop music and pop art look.

The pictures below are the first set of promo pictures to be revealed. In four days NTD 8 million (218 809€ or $266 947) have been spent in Paris!

Outfits have been made by London-based Taiwanese designer Chen Shao-Yen. He said he has been inspired by the French diva of the 30's, very sexy and glamorous, like Jolin and her album. It's their first collaboration!

Chief makeup artist from M.A.C Paris, Alain Angloma, took care of the makeup. Guillaume Millet is the photographer.

For the hair Jolin and the hair stylist agreed on an "avant-garde" style, half-pink, half-blond hair. Jolin got noticed in the streets of Paris by tourists and even policemen who said with a smile that she looked like a macaron with that hair color.

Jolin had to suffer to get the perfect hair color, she went 3 times to the hair salon, each time she had to stay 8 hours there. Jolin had friends accompanying her to play mahjong there since it was so long.

The album is scheduled for mid-September.

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EDIT: Jolin is teasing us from Paris with pics!

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