Jolin wore no less than 3 outfits at this event o_O The main one is the dark red dress. The leopard outfit is supposed to be for a shoot for the magazine Shanghai TV Weekly according to what I've read on Weibo.

Fans gave Jolin several gifts like a Hello Kitty bouquet and a giant "diamond" ring. It seems that its meaning is that her Knights (= her fans) will remain firm like a diamond and always support her. Two fans sang some parts of several ballads of hers: I know you're feeling blue (JOLIN1019), Sky (J-Game)Pretence (Dancing Diva) and Real hurt (Myself).

Jolin said that she sent congratulations' messages to her friend Stefanie Sun (she's pregnant with her first child).

She even talked a little about the new album, it's still in production ; and if the right opportunity comes, she wouldn't mind a collaboration with Wilber Pan.

Wilber Pan, who is a good friend of hers, is mentioned here because he revealed recently that he had a crush on Jolin. But she answered to the reporters that they were too much like brother & sister ;)

Shanghai's concert will be held on July 14th.

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