31 mars 2012

Jolin gives items for charity bazaar

The Taipei Film Commission is holding a charity bazaar this weekend for the Children Welfare League Foundation. Today and tomorrow, signed DVDs, CDs, or even outfits will be sold. Several artists participated such as Jolin of course, Jay Chou, Jam Hsiao, Michelle Chen... Jolin gave signed Myself CDs and a dress she wore for a 3ZU campaign [she is (was?) their spokesperson and wore 3ZU stockings in Butterflies in my stomach MV]. Click on the pics to enlarge.  
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31 mars 2012

Jolin at concert in Hengyang

Jolin sang three songs yesterday: Honey Trap, Rewind and Sun Will Never Set. We have fancams for Rewind and Sun Will Never Set (there's one for Honey Trap but its sound was so awful that I decided not to post it). Click on the picture below to access the gallery!
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30 mars 2012

2012 Pepsi CF

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29 mars 2012

Myself World Tour: press conference in Wenzhou

Jolin was in Wenzhou today for a press conference for the Tour (Wenzhou's concert will be held on April 20th). She answered some questions about the Tour and the new album. It seems that there will be 10 more dates in China, Jolin said nothing about overseas locations. She revealed as well that there won't be new songs at Wenzhou's concert since the album is still in production and recording hasn't even started yet. Click on the picture to access the gallery. Don't forget to check THIS post for Myself World Tour dates. You... [Lire la suite]
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21 mars 2012

EDIT: Jolin will be Taiwan's Ambassador for London 2012 Summer Olympics

Today was London 2012 Summer Olympics press conference in Taipei (the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee is based in Taipei). Jolin will support Taiwan's champions. They expressed their gratitude towards their mother (it's some kind of campaign, you can see on the pics "Thank you, mom" on the wall) and Jolin was moved. Jolin said that she's very grateful to her mom, who's always supporting her in silence and has a great sense of humor regarding serious issues, she's her "spiritual pillar". Jolin showed as well her skills at badminton... [Lire la suite]
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19 mars 2012

Jolin at Langjiu's night SuperStar Concert in Chengdu

Yesterday, after her autograph session, she sang three songs at Langjiu's night SuperStar Concert: 美人计 (Mei Ren Ji/Honey Trap), 小伤口 (Xiao Shang Kou/Real hurt) and 日不落 (Ri Bu Luo/Sun Will Never Set)! Click on the picture to access the photo album. Whole performance
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18 mars 2012

Autograph session today in Chengdu for Jolin's book 养瘦+album in preparation

So it was today at 4:00 PM (Chinese time). Most of the fans were already there at 2:00 PM and sang Sun Will Never Set's chorus since it's sunny today in Chengdu. After her arrival Jolin shared beauty and slimming tips and signed books as well. Aside from that, reporters asked her what she's been doing lately, since we barely saw her at public events. Jolin answered that it was because she was (and is still) preparing her new album scheduled for this summer. Source: ent.news.chengdu.cn Click on the picture to access the other... [Lire la suite]
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17 mars 2012

[CF] Mengniu & Sunbites

Mengniu Sunbites (it's not the one with the dog yet, it's another one)  
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14 mars 2012

Sunbites: new CF making and promo pics

It seems that Whoohoo, Jolin's dog, was supposed to act in this CF, but the director thought it would be better to choose a dog actor since their schedule was tight. So if I understood well, the dog on the picture below and in the CF is not Whoohoo XD      
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13 mars 2012

Some news about 72 changes, and upcoming fashion online store opening?!?!

If you follow Jolin for a while you must know that she had a clothing brand called 72 changes, sold mostly in the USA. Jolin inaugurated a 72 changes store in Shanghai last year, but it has already closed down. She didn't renew her contract too -"because of differences in vision" according to the media- when it ended, so the brand doesn't exist anymore, its official site and official FB page have been closed down. Jolin intends now to create a clothing brand sold online only. Prices will be affordable. Why online only? Here's what... [Lire la suite]
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