If you follow Jolin for a while you must know that she had a clothing brand called 72 changes, sold mostly in the USA.

Jolin inaugurated a 72 changes store in Shanghai last year, but it has already closed down. She didn't renew her contract too -"because of differences in vision" according to the media- when it ended, so the brand doesn't exist anymore, its official site and official FB page have been closed down.

Jolin intends now to create a clothing brand sold online only. Prices will be affordable.

Why online only? Here's what Jolin answered:
"The fastest way for a girl to become beautiful is through the internet, which is not just for shopping, but also a place where one can get opinions."

Source: xinmsn

She also talked about it on her Weibo (Google translation but it's very comprehensible): 

"Online store... You'll want to see?"