Thanks a lot to Carrotie@blogspot for translating this article, and I apologize to her too lol

["Tokyo Girls Collection" which has been popular with girls in Japan will be moving over to Taiwan in its original form. "SUPER G!RLS FESTA" which was created by previous TCG in-charge will be held on 15th April at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 2. The performance guest will be none other than the music industry Pop Princess, Jolin Tsai.

In order to let Jolin show the latest and newest fashion in Japan, the organisers had invited a famous Japanese fashion designer, who had helped AKB48 in 2011 and 2012, to be the creative director. Under the fashion designer arrangements, Jolin had her advertising photos shot showing the current Japan fashion. Although this is the first time that the both of them had worked together, the fashion designer praised that Jolin has the aura of a superstar, saying that she is the Taiwanese version of Namie Amuro and Rihanna. Despite not looking tall, her performance is amazingly impressive and attractive. Jolin had a change of 3 clothes, one of them being a fully white dress which portrayed a pretty and elegant image.

There will be famous models at "SUPER G!RLS FESTA" who will be showing Japan's latest fashion and teaching the public about the most popular way of putting on make-up and hairstyling. Famous Japanese models will be coming down. Tickets will start selling at all convenience stores starting from the 10th March.]

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