09 septembre 2011

[EDIT][First pics] Myself World Tour: Tianjin

Jolin got her birthday cake in advance!! Her birthday is on September 15th.   Click on the picture below to access the photo album (EDIT: HQ pics added in the photo album): Jolin posted a pic on her Weibo from the concert's Celebration party. 
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09 septembre 2011

Pepsi: "Desire is Power" Behind the Scenes video HQ

I already posted this video before in LQ HERE in June. At that time I thought there was going to be a CF for this, but today while I was watching the HQ version, I realized that there won't be any, they just made a photoshoot for this and nothing else. This video comes from Pepsi China's official site.
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09 septembre 2011

Charity auctions once again for Jolin!

This time it's for T.F.C.F (Taiwan Fund for Children & Families). The project is called 手牵手爱儿童 (Children love - hand in hand). The aim is to raise money for children & at the same time raise awareness about child abuse, since they think that "prevention is better than cure". Auctions will run from September 9th to September 18th. Aside from Jolin, several artists like Vanness Wu, Eddie Peng, Ariel Lin, signed a doll too. JOLIN'S AUCTION PAGE Money will go to T.F.C.F for children's protection.
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