Jolin is participating to a charity project for the China Welfare League. The League revealed that senile dementia gradually increased, nowadays it concerns 17 million people, but in 145 years it will concern more than 62 million people! To raise funds & allow people to know more about this social issue, a charity project has been put in place. It's called "Memory Capsule" or "Celebrity Memory Capsule" and many stars contributed. The theme is "if there was a Time Capsule and you were about to lose your memories, what would you put in it?"

To raise funds, auctions will run from today until September 3rd. Jolin gave an autographed NewDay t-shirt (the t-shirt Takashi Murakami created & sold in Taiwan to raise funds for the tsunami & earthquake's victims in Japan, Jolin promoted it) & an autographed postcard. Actually this catastrophe reminded her that human life hangs on a thread, that you should cherish your life and the people you love, help and care for others. That's why she chose this t-shirt for the auction, she chose the concept of "caring".

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Among all the stars who participated we can mention Wang Lee Hom, who gave a handwritten manuscript of one of his songs, Patty Hou, who gave a 50 year-old Western wedding dress (!), Show Luo, Chen Han-Tien, Wang Weizhong...

All money will be given to the "Alzheimer's sufferers Guardian Angel Program".